We Build Community. With over 2,300 members and over 40 chapters organized in four councils, fraternity and sorority life offers a unique lifelong involvement opportunity that can be one of the most significant and rewarding experiences of a lifetime. We are a community of commitment that has been a UConn tradition for over 130 years and it is our hope that you will find that our award winning fraternity and sorority community espouses excellence, integrity, and honor.

Upcoming Events

  1.  ΔΖ Founders’ Day ΔΖ Founders’ Day All Day 10/24
  2.  ΑΕΦ Founders’ Day ΑΕΦ Founders’ Day All Day 10/24
  3.  ΑΕΠ Founders’ Day ΑΕΠ Founders’ Day All Day 11/7
  4.  ΛΘΦ Founders’ Day ΛΘΦ Founders’ Day All Day 12/1
  5.  ΣΛΥ Founders’ Day ΣΛΥ Founders’ Day All Day 12/1
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