We Build Community. With over 2,700 members and over 40 chapters organized in four councils, fraternity and sorority life offers a unique lifelong involvement opportunity that can be one of the most significant and rewarding experiences of a lifetime. We are a community of commitment that has been a UConn tradition for over 130 years and it is our hope that you will find that our award winning fraternity and sorority community espouses excellence, integrity, and honor.

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  1. ΑΔΦ Founders' Day ΑΔΦ Founders' Day12:00am 11/1
  2. Sigma Phi Epsilon Founders' Day Sigma Phi Epsilon Founders' Day12:00am 11/1
  3. CFSD President's Forum1:15pm 11/4
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Social Snapshots

#WhoWednesday: Rho Lambda was created to honor those women within the sorority community who have exhibited the highest qualities of leadership and service to their Greek community and their sorority. These are women who have furthered the ideals and principles of the Greek community throughout their years of sorority affiliation. For more information visit rholambda.org ...

#MeetTheTeamMonday: Today you get to learn more about our Educational Initiatives team. ✨ Every Monday, come learn more about the amazing work that our Center does for our Fraternity & Sorority operations on campus. ...

#FreeFriday: You are invited to “Why We’re Hooked” a presentation by Adam Alter on The Truth Behind Addictive Technology. This is an Educational Program for Mental Health. 🧠 This virtual event is open to all and will take place Monday October 26, 2020 at 7 P.M. via Webex. 💻 Greek members that are in attendance and want to fulfill an Expectation of Excellence requirement must have their chapter presidents fill out the Education Program Reflection. ✅ The link to the event & reflection can be found in our bio via LinkTree. ✨

#MentalHealth #WeBuildCommunity #LeadershipLegacySeries

#ThrowbackThursday: Today you get to here from @tgrant_18 an alum of Sigma Chi. He shares his story on how greek life had an impact on him.

“Sigma Chi and UConn Greek life had an immense impact on my growth throughout my college career. I joined Sigma Chi as a result of their high involvement throughout the UConn community and the intimate friendships that the brothers had. Sigma Chi helped me develop as a person, and gave me life long friends that I will forever be thankful for!”

#WeBuildCommunity #AlumniNetwork #ThrowbackThursday

#WhatWednesday: Today you get to learn more about our greek community. Here is our greek alphabet, this is how we distinguish organizations by the letters they represent. For more information on our greek community visit our website via the link in our bio! ✨📝

#WeBuildCommunity #GreekAlphabet #StayEducated

#TalkTuesday: Did you know you can register to VOTE 🗳 online?

Welcome back to our voting campaign series, remember the last day to register in CT is October 27th or are you requesting an absentee ballot? Do so by November 2nd. Not a CT Resident? Visit vote.gov for more information. Stay educated! 📚