Other Greek-letter Organizations

In addition to the fraternities and sororities recognized by the Center for Fraternity and Sorority Development, there are many other Greek-lettered organizations at the University of Connecticut. Members of social fraternities and sororities may also be eligible to join the following registered student organizations:

Academic & Professional

Organization Specialization
Alpha Beta Epsilon Biology
Alpha Gamma Rho Agriculture (Men)
Alpha Kappa Psi Business
Alpha Zeta Omega Pharmacy
Beta Alpha Psi Finance
Delta Sigma Pi Business
Gamma Iota Sigma Actuarial Science
Kappa Kappa Psi Music: Band
Kappa Psi Pharmacy
Lambda Kappa Sigma Pharmacy (Women)
Phi Delta Chi Pharmacy
Phi Lambda Sigma Pharmacy
Pi Sigma Epsilon Marketing
Sigma Alpha Agriculture (Women)
Sigma Theta Alpha Medicine & Healthcare
Tau Beta Sigma Music: Band


Organization Specialization
Alpha Eta Mu Beta Bio-medical Engineering
Alpha Lambda Delta Pharmacy
Alpha Zeta Freshman Scholars
Chi Epsilon Civil Engineering
Delta Alpha Pi Students with Disabilities
Eta Kappa Nu Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Iota Iota Iota Women’s Studies
Lambda Alpha Anthropology
Omega Chi Epsilon Chemical Engineering
Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science
Pi Tau Sigma Mechanical Engineering
Psi Chi Psychology
Rho Chi Pharmacy
Sigma Alpha Pi Student Leadership
Tau Beta Pi Engineering
Upsilon Pi Epsilon Computer & Information Sciences

Special Interest

Organization Specialization
Alpha Phi Omega Service
Gamma Sigma Sigma Service (Women)
Kappa Beta Gamma Special Interest (Women)
Lambda Lambda Lambda Pop Culture
Phi Sigma Pi Honors
Sigma Alpha Lambda Leadership & Honors