National Hazing Prevention Week

National Hazing Prevention Week (NHPW) is part of a national initiative held at numerous universities across the country. The national focus for the past few years has been bystander responsibility and giving students the skills to stand up when they see hazing around them. Our Community Ambassadors work with multiple partners to plan various events taking place on the University of Connecticut campus during the week to raise awareness of the issue, educate students, faculty, and staff about hazing alternatives, empower students to stand up against hazing, and show a united University community against hazing.

UConn will be hosting its twelfth annual Hazing Prevention Week from September 20-24, 2021

National Initiatives

Take the National Hazing Prevention Pledge

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It’s easy to say you’re “against hazing,” but are you willing to tell the world that you won’t tolerate it? If so, take the Hazing Prevention Pledge. Sign it now.

Hazing Prevention Institute Resources

Learn about ways to support and promote National Hazing Prevention Week on your campus or with your organization. This guide offers slides from presentations presented at the 2021 HPO Hazing Prevention Institute. View the Resource Guide.

UConn Events

NHPW Speaker: Sara Lowery – September 22nd from 6:30pm – 7:30pm at Student Union Theatre

Sara Lowery is coming to campus to speak about hazing within the Fraternity & Sorority community.  She approaches hazing prevention by challenging students to create a sense of brotherhood/sisterhood/siblinghood without the hazing drama. She has the conversation about shifting from endangering the lives of individuals to building a sense of belonging and acceptance. Overall, then creating an experience where members are strengthened, empowered, and live up to the original intentions of their founders.

Note: All 2nd years need to attend as part of Expectations of Excellence.

UConntact Event Page: 

Hazing Prevention Gallery Walk- September 23rd from 12pm-3pm in CFSD Community Room (Suite 203)

We will be hosting a gallery walk. The gallery walk will have different images of newspaper headlines that highlight hazing incidents on college campuses. We will also highlight resources and strategies to deal with hazing. You will also have an opportunity to take the Hazing Prevention Pledge.

Social Media Posts Focused on Hazing Facts and Prevention- September 20th, 21st, and 24th

Follow our social media @uconncfsd all next week to learn more about hazing prevention information and resources.