Intercultural Greek Council

The Intercultural Greek Council (IGC), established in 2002 as the Multicultural Greek Council, is the governing council for all culturally-based and multicultural fraternities and sororities represented and recognized at the University of Connecticut. The IGC unites its member organizations and through mutual respect and equality will accomplish the following goals:

  • Advocate the needs and interests of all member organizations to advance and support their independent and mutual goals
  • Provide a forum for communication and collaboration to encourage cooperation and harmony among member organizations.
  • Enforce campus expectations and the mutually high standards of its member organizations to ensure viable and valuable contributions to the University.
  • Introduce initiatives that foster citizenship, friendship, leadership, scholarship, and the further personal development of individual members and the University community.
  • Promote cultural awareness and positively represent the underrepresented student community.

2020 Executive Committee

President Emily Fong
Vice President Kyle Rodriguez
Treasurer Katerine Santiago
Secretary Siara Maldonado
Marketing Raina Zehra
Council Advisor Jamel Catoe
Council Advisor/Graduate Assistant Connor Dougan

Member Organizations

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