Each student involved in a fraternity or sorority should strive to achieve their full academic potential. Fraternities and sororities are charged with the responsibility of encouraging academic excellence and supporting the scholastic pursuits of their members so that they have the skills required to flourish in a rigorous academic environment.

    Sorority and Fraternity Grade & Membership Reports

    Though scholarship is more than grades, the Center for Fraternity and Sorority Development collects grade data and compares chapter performance to the university's undergraduate statistics each semester. Each report includes the cumulative Chapter GPA, Initiated Member GPA, and New Member Class GPA as well as membership statistics for each individual fraternity or sorority. The reports also include comparative campus academic averages such as the all-men’s and all-women’s averages, all-fraternity and all-sorority averages, and comparisons by Council.

    Academic Membership Resources

    • Member Academic Record Release
      • Individual members must complete this member academic record release form before CFSD will release their individual grades to the chapter leadership.
    • Chapter Grade Report Request
      • President, Academic Officer, or Advisor may use this chapter grade report request form to request the individual grades of members in the organization who have completed a record release.
    Academic Resources

    Academic Achievement Center

    The Academic Achievement Center provides coaching to help students better achieve their academic goals. They hold different presentations on topics such as preparing for finals, test taking strategies, etc. 


    Academic Advisors

    Every student has an advisor who can be found on Student Admin. Academic advisors can assist with planning courses, understanding requirements, academic support, etc. There are also advisors for every school/college that can assist with specific questions regarding the requirements for your major.

    Center for Career Development

    The Center for Career Development helps with career planning. They provide resources and help for exploring careers, improving resumes/cover letters, preparing for interviews, finding jobs, etc.

    Center for Students with Disabilities

    Center for Students with Disabilities helps students with receiving accommodations and providing services for students with disabilities.

    Dean of Students

    Dean of Students can assist with an array of issues including rescheduling finals, mediating situations, extensions for incomplete courses, etc.

    Homer Babbidge Library

    The UConn library provides access to numerous educational materials that you can borrow or access online. The space itself also offers study spaces including the ability to reserve individual/group study rooms. The Q and W center are also located here. 

    UConn Bookstore

    The UConn Bookstore sells all the required materials for classes including textbooks, lab manuals, books, etc. 

    Writing Center

    The Writing Center provides resources including tutoring for (W) courses at UConn.

    Quantitative Learning Center

    The Q Center provides resources such as tutoring and review sessions for (Q) courses at UConn.

    Cultural Centers

    There are a variety of cultural centers all located in the Student Union that can provide support, community, and resources to students. This includes: African American Cultural Center, Asian American Cultural Center, Puerto Rican Latin American Cultural Center, Rainbow Center, Women’s Center, Native American Cultural Programs, and the Middle Eastern Cultural Program.


    Wilbur Cross Reading Room

    The Reading Rooms in Wilbur Cross offer a quiet study space for students to work. The building itself also includes many student services such as the Registrar, CSD, CCD, Financial Aid, and more. Click here to find it on the map.