Greeks Against Sexual Assault (GASA)


In partnership with the Women's Center, Greeks Against Sexual Assault is a group of Greek-affiliated students who come together to discuss issues of gender, sexuality, violence, and privilege in a safe space. Our mission is to analyze and understand how gender based violence is manifested in our college campus setting as a result of the behaviors and attitudes of students both within and outside of the fraternity/sorority community, and to work toward creating a safer campus environment for all. As fraternity and sorority members, we vow to use our positions of leadership to raise awareness on issues of intersectionality and be active advocates of positive change.

GASA has two main components.

  • The first is a student led facilitator workshop that is presented per request. This workshop serves as a preview of the semester-long GASA experience offered every Spring. Topics offered include: supportive norms and values within the Greek community, impact of gender stereotypes on social power dynamics, dispelling SA myths and victim-blaming, individual and community-focused bystander intervention, and supporting victims/survivors. Organizations can request this workshop via their email,
  • The second is a semester long cohort model experience where selected participants meet weekly to go further in-depth on this topic. You can find more details and the application in the tabs below.

GASA Spring 2023 Cohort Application: Click Here!

Who is eligible?

Any Greek-affiliated student who has not previously participated in GASA.


How do students apply and get selected?

Interested students complete an application in late Fall for the Spring semester session. Depending on the quantity and quality of applications, we will select up to 25-30 students (subject to change). We are looking for diverse representation in gender, fraternity/sorority council, and class year.


When does GASA take place?

GASA will meet weekly for two hours for eight weeks. Specific dates TBA in the spring Semester.


What can I get out of this program?

GASA is meant to provide students with a safe, judgment-free space to share their experiences and perspectives on issues relating to gender-based violence, sexual assault, and oppression of different forms. This knowledge can be brought back to your organization to build stronger communities, as well as be implemented in your personal life to be a resource for survivors of sexual violence, and practice bystander invention.


GASA Application

Applications are now open! Click below to be part of the cohort in Spring 2024.


Additionally, you can go to the Women's Center Website for additional information and the application as well once it becomes available.

Women's Center: GASA

There may be someone in your chapter who is a survivor. By choosing to educate yourself and the members of your organization, this can positively affect relationships overall, strengthening the organization and Greek community.

Sexual Assault & Risk Management Resources