Expectations of Excellence – Chapter Status Appeals

Any organization wishing to appeal an EOE status decision must do so within 14 days of receiving their final EOE status from the previous semester. A committee of Student Activities Staff, along with the Director of CFSD, will review the appeal and any associated documentation and render a final decision. The Director of Fraternity and Sorority Development may, in their sole discretion, require representatives and/or advisors from the fraternity or sorority to appear for a meeting to discuss accreditation status.

Button to Chapter Status Appeal Request

To check the status of a previous submission, please login to uconn.kualibuild.com, then select "my documents" on the top center portion of the screen. This will populate a list of all documents submitted through this platform. Select the correct submission from the list. This will open a new tab of the submission. On the top left side of the new page you will see a toggle for "View" - change the toggle from "review" to "status" to see where in the review process your form currently is.