Interfraternity Council Recruitment

IFC Recruitment

Fall 2020 Recruitment

The primary recruitment period for the Interfraternity Council and its member fraternities, takes place within the first 3-4 weeks of each semester. Some fraternities may continue to recruit throughout the semester.


Recruitment Registration

All potential new members MUST register for IFC Recruitment on CampusDirector. Only those students that have registered will eligible to receive and accept an invitation to membership (bid).

Register for IFC Recruitment

General Events

Date Event Time Location
Fall 2020 IFC Event TBD TBD
Fall 2020 Bid Day TBD Via CampusDirector (Online)

Chapter Events

To qualify for a bid (invitation to membership) potential new members are strongly encouraged to participate in chapter recruitment events. Each chapter hosts a variety of events designed to provide opportunities for the brothers and potential members to get to know each other, bond over shared social experiences, and to determine if their is a mutual fit between the chapter and the potential member. Chapter recruitment schedules will be available at each of the general events.


IFC Bid Day (Date: TBD)

All members of the IFC agree to council-wide Bid Day. No fraternity can extend an invitation to a potential new member prior to this date. Once bids have been distributed, each potential new member that has received at least one invitation, will be able to log-in and accept an bid. The Center for Fraternity and Sorority Development will only recognize those students that have accepted an invitation through CampusDirector as part of the chapter’s roster.


Have Questions?

Please contact IFC Vice President of Recruitment, Ben Carlson, for more information.