EOE Contact Information

This form is completed prior to notify CFSD staff who the correct contacts are for various EOE trainings and advising meetings. If you have questions regarding this form, please contact greeklife@uconn.edu or your chapter coach before completing.

  • A confirmation of this form will be sent to this email address. This confirmation must be uploaded in the chapter information update form.
  • Please be sure to select your chapter coach for the upcoming semester. You can find this information here: https://greeklife.uconn.edu/team/
  • EOE Tracking Sheet

    Please use the boxes below to enter the email addresses that you wish to have access to the EOE tracking sheets (shared via Google Drive) for the upcoming semester. Each organization is initially permitted five individuals to have access. Additional access can be requested AFTER the start of the semester using the access request process noted in the tracking folder.
  • EOE Advising Meetings/Training Contacts

    Please use the fields below to report contact information for the various offers that CFSD will contact for various advising meetings and/or required EOE trainings. If you do not have this specific officer, please enter the contact information for the individual who has the closest responsibilities and will represent the chapter on behalf of that position.
  • REQUIRED if you live in Husky Village.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.