Sophomore Leadership Track

The Sophomore Leadership Track is a way for our sophomore students ideally in their second year of membership to join us a meeting once a month once a month discuss and learn various leadership topics. It is our hope the students that apply for this program have the intention of running for a leadership position in their chapter or council. At the end of this 6-month program, the cohort will be divided into groups to present a project on how they would make systemic changes for our community regarding Hot Topics in Fraternity and Sorority Life.  
Date: Topic Presenters
September 27th Orientation Tori Succi
October 18th Situational Leadership Tori Succi
November 15th Group Development TBA
December 6th Self Awareness TBA
January 17th Inclusive Leadership &

HOT TOPICS in Fraternity and Sorority Life

Jose Garcia
January 24th Accountability & Risk Management Rinda Riccio
February 21st Peer to Peer Conflict Management Sydney Jefferson
March 20th Commanding an Audience and Creating Buy-In Ashley Christman
April 12th Presentations
Applications Open
Apps will be closing Sep 8th August 1, 2023