New Member Presentation Request

Fraternity and Sorority New Member Presentation Guidelines

All organizations advised through the CFSD must adhere to the following requirements when presenting new members (hereafter “presentation(s)”) to the Storrs campus community. The university recognizes the historic and cultural traditions inherent in such presentations, and supports their adherence to university policy in ways that are safe, respectful, and educational. The university also recognizes national organizations’ policies and guidelines and expect all chapters to be in accordance with their national new member presentation policy.

However, presentations are a privilege not a right and therefore, the Center for Fraternity and Sorority Development will revoke this privilege if necessary. Additionally, the Center of Fraternity and Sorority Development realizes that a great amount of time is needed to prepare for a presentation and that this level of involvement can negatively impact scholarship. Only groups whose most recent new member GPA was 2.5 or above will be eligible to host a presentation of new members.

Although CFSD recognizes the significance of hosting a new member presentation, we also empower the governing council of any organization who does not abide by these guidelines to invoke consequences including but not limited to taking away this privilege. The council may choose to impose regulations to ensure the effectiveness and safety of every new member presentation.

  1. A meeting with the CFSD governing council advisor must take place at least two weeks prior to the estimated date of the presentation for approval from the CFSD. Considering that a CFSD professional staff member must be present at all new member presentations, it is necessary to schedule these new member presentations with adequate notice.
  2. Presentations must take place no more than two weeks (14 calendar days) after the newest members have been initiated into the organization. Holiday breaks will not be included in the two week timeline. Presentations cannot be scheduled for the last week of classes or during Finals Week. CFSD will establish a deadline for new member presentations and publish this date on the CFSD calendar. Typically, the deadline will be the Sunday before the last day of class.
  3. The organization’s graduate or alumni/ae advisor must confirm the chapter’s ability to host the new member presentation on the proposed date. This approval should be in the form of an email to the CFSD council advisor one week prior to the event.
  4. Presentations are not to be scheduled to take place on the same date as a previously planned presentation of another chapter within the same council. Please check with your council advisor and CFSD Greek calendar for details.
  5. Prior approval from the council advisor must be obtained for any items that are to be used as “markers” during the presentation (i.e. firelights, fire, ropes, canes, chalk).
  6. Props to be used in the presentation must also be approved (i.e. shields, staffs, masks, etc.). In general, blindfolds, bricks, and other symbols of “pledging and hazing” are not allowed.
  7. Because of its public nature, all presentations should be considered family shows and should be done tastefully. Therefore, excessive vulgarity, profanity, and “dissing” of other organizations will not be tolerated.
  8. All attire should be appropriate. No revealing attire is permitted.
  9. No alcoholic beverages will be permitted by any person in the presentation or in attendance.
  10. Physical or suggestive abuse is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to: slapping, kicking, spitting, punching, pushing, poking, caning, etc. (Canes may be used as a part of the performance but may not be used as a weapon to harm or suggest harm to an individual.)
  11. In the event of a fight or other altercation during the presentation, those fighting will be removed from the event immediately by the presenting organization, and the presentation will be stopped. In the event the presentation is stopped and the presenting organization is not at fault, an alternate date and time will be permitted by the council advisor.
  12. Organizations planning to host their presentations outdoors must have an inclement weather plan. Inclement weather for the purpose of this document is rain, snow or a weather forecast showing <45 degrees Fahrenheit, 3 days prior to the presentation. In the case of inclement weather, organizations must move the event into an indoor space on campus.
  13. Disruptions by other attending organizations will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to walking through the presenters’ presentation, talking over the presenting organization, etc.
  14. The duration of the presentation shall be no longer than 90 minutes and shall end before 10:00pm. The clock starts with the advertised time of the event. If the organization starts late, they must still end on time. The presenting organization will be responsible for ensuring the site used is left in its original state after use.

Failure to comply with the stated guidelines may result in the loss of future presentation and university privileges, disciplinary review from the respective governing council, CFSD, and possible referral to the Office of Community Standards. This Policy shall be reviewed and revised as necessary by CFSD to remain current with new standards of practice as recommended by the University, inter/national organization, and higher education best practices. Questions related to this policy should be directed to the Center for Fraternity and Sorority Development,

Presentation of New Members Request and Agreement

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