New Member Presentation/Bid Day Agreement

Fraternity and Sorority New Member Presentation/Bid Day Guidelines

All organizations recognized through the CFSD must adhere to the following requirements when presenting new members (hereafter “presentation(s)”)  to the Storrs campus community or hosting Bid Day activities. The university recognizes national organizations’ policies and guidelines and expect all chapters to be in accordance with their national policies. Each organization must submit a Bid Day/New Member Presentation Agreement form. A complete form will include:

  • Contact Information for Event Coordinator
  • Event Information (location, time, etc.)
  • Inclement Weather Plan for all outdoor events
  • Event Outline

General Guidelines

  1. Presentations/Bid Day activities cannot be scheduled for the last week of classes or during Finals Week.
  2. CFSD will establish a deadline for bid day activities/new member presentations and publish this date on the CFSD calendar.
  3. No alcoholic beverages will be permitted by any person in attendance.
  4. In the event of a fight or other altercation during the event, those fighting will be removed from the event immediately and the event will be stopped.
  5. Organizations planning to host their event outdoors must have an inclement weather plan. Inclement weather plans must be submitted in the Bid Day/New Member Presentation Agreement Form. In the case of inclement weather, organizations must move the event into an indoor space on campus or hold their event at another time on the same day. Inclement weather for the purpose of this document is rain, snow, or a weather forecast showing an actual temperature equal to or less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit at the start of the presentation time.
    1. At least 3 days prior to the presentation, the council advisor, will reach out to the organization and inform the organization if their inclement weather plan must be implemented. If the organization is required to implement their inclement weather plan, the organization will not be permitted to change back to the original plan after the decision is made.

Bid Day Guidelines

  1. Bid Day activities must take place no more than one week (7 calendar days) after member selection has concluded.
  2. Only members and new members from the organization may attend the bid day event.

New Member Presentation Guidelines

    1. New Member Presentations must take place no more than two weeks (14 calendar days) after the newest members have been initiated into the organization. Holiday breaks will not be included in the timeline.
    2. New Member Presentations must begin with 15 minutes of the approved and advertised start time. Organizations that start more than 15 minutes late, will be fined $25 for every 15-minutes after the approved and advertised start time, until the actual start time.
    3. New Member Presentations are not to be scheduled to take place on the same date as a previously planned presentation of another chapter within the same council. Please check with your council advisor for details. If two organizations in the same council would like to work together to host their presentations on the same day, they both must indicate this in writing to their council advisor.
    4. Because of its public nature, all presentations should be considered family shows and should be done tastefully. Therefore, inappropriate attire, excessive vulgarity, profanity, and “dissing” of other organizations will not be tolerated.
    5. Physical or suggestive abuse is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to: slapping, kicking, spitting, punching, pushing, poking, caning, etc. (Canes may be used as a part of the performance but may not be used as a weapon to harm or suggest harm to an individual.)

Failure to comply with the stated guidelines may result in the loss of future presentation and university privileges, disciplinary review from the respective governing council, CFSD, and possible referral to the Office of Community Standards. This Policy shall be reviewed and revised as necessary by CFSD to remain current with new standards of practice as recommended by the University, inter/national organization, and higher education best practices. Questions related to this policy should be directed to the Center for Fraternity and Sorority Development,

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