Greek Week

Greek Week is a week-long celebration for the social fraternities and sororities on campus. It is a chance for members to come together to celebrate the spirit and pride of being a part of a fraternity/sorority. Through these events we hope to foster unity and a sense of community in order to uplift each other and the campus as a whole. United together, the Greek community uses this time to show their dedication to scholarship, service, leadership and brotherhood/sisterhood. All events are open to the entire campus community.

Greek Week 2016 (April 3-6; April 10)

Greek Week 2016 FB

Greek Week 2016 Events


Past Greek Week Winners

Greek Week Champions
2016 Alpha Kappa Lambda, Lambda Theta Phi, Pi Beta Phi, Theta Delta Sigma, Zeta Beta Tau
2015 Alpha Epsilon Phi, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Delta Epsilon Psi, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Zeta Phi Beta
2014 Alpha Delta Phi, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Alpha Phi, Delta Epsilon Psi, Mu Sigma Upsilon
2013 Alpha Delta Phi, Gamma Phi Beta, Iota Phi Theta, Phi Sigma Rho
2012 Alpha Phi, Iota Phi Theta, Lambda Theta Alpha, Lambda Theta Phi, Pi Kappa Alpha
2011 Zeta Beta Tau, Delta Gamma, Pi Kappa Alpha
2010 Pi Beta Phi, Kappa Sigma, Pi Delta Psi
2009 Kappa Kappa Gamma, Kappa Phi Lambda, Lambda Alpha Upsilon, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Zeta Psi
2008 Delta Zeta, Kappa Phi Lambda, Kappa Sigma, Zeta Psi
2007 Alpha Epsilon Pi, Delta Zeta, Zeta Psi
Greek God
2016 Carl Strum – Alpha Delta Phi
2015 Travis Karas – Alpha Delta Phi
2014 Kevin Tran – Pi Kappa Alpha
2013 Jay Ghaseem-Zadeh – Phi Gamma Delta
2012 Zack Hill – Phi Gamma Delta
2011 Arthur Aina – Pi Delta Psi
2010 Mike Gotkin – Sigma Chi
2009 Chris Sanchez – Lambda Alpha Upsilon
2008 James Lerro – Pi Kappa Alpha
2007 Steve DeLusant – Sigma Phi Epsilon
Greek Goddess
2016 Stephanie Orts – Kappa Alpha Theta
2015 Nichole Aquino – Phi Sigma Rho
2014 Taylor Leach – Alpha Phi
2013 Lourdes Molleda – Delta Gamma
2012 Celeste Gonzalez – Alpha Kappa Alpha
2011 Angelica Francescucci – Delta Gamma
2010 Stasia Sullivan – Delta Zeta
2009 Jessica Assaad – Kappa Kappa Gamma
2008 Caitlin Weisel – Kappa Kappa Gamma
2007 Kristina Jorge – Kappa Alpha Theta