The Four Pillars of Greek Life

The four pillars reflect the values that members of the UConn fraternity/sorority community work to emulate.


Academic excellence is a vital aspect of fraternity and sorority membership at the University of Connecticut. Scholastic standards are important for each chapter as well as the community as a whole. Programming, incentives, recognition and ongoing support help fraternity and sorority members pursue academic success. Academic achievement is the reason students are at UConn; fraternities and sororities are designed to help their members meet that goal.


Developing leaders today for life after college is an important part of Greek involvement. Fraternity and sorority members participate in a variety of programs that provide leadership development. There are many ways to be a leader in UConn’s Greek community, including chapter or council officer positions, national or regional leadership conferences, campus-based leadership opportunities and committee involvement.


Service is a meaningful pillar of fraternity and sorority involvement at UConn. It is perhaps the most personally rewarding of the pillars, as members are provided with opportunities to participate in hands-on volunteer work and implement philanthropic events to raise money for charitable organizations. The opportunities ensure that fraternity and sorority members will have an impact on their community and develop lifelong habits of giving back.


Joining a fraternity and sorority is about building lifelong relationships that extend beyond ordinary friendships. Bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood are formed within an organization and provide UConn Greeks with a home away from home, mentorship, career networking and a sense of community at a large university. Fraternity and sorority members enjoy lifelong connections that can provide support and celebration in life’s significant moments.