Accreditation Dates & Deadlines

Fall 2018

Component Date/Deadline
Roster Update #1 Friday, August 31
Chapter Officer Update Friday, August 31
Chapter Compliance Report

  • New Member Education/Intake Program
  • New Member Education/Intake Calendar
Friday, August 31
Certificate of Insurance (if expired) Friday, August 31
National Risk & Crisis Management Policy Friday, August 31
National New Member Education/Intake Program  Friday, August 31
Risk Reduction Workshop (SU 203)

Attendance Requirement: IFC, UCPC, IGC & NPHC. Chapter president, social chair, and risk management officer, or equivalent, must each attend one session.

Friday, September 21
Snapshot Meeting

Chapter president must schedule with council advisor

Friday, September 28
Roster Update #2

If you have new members, you must submit a New Member Report and be sure to invite them to your UConntact page and designate their position as “Associate Member.”

Friday, October 5
Greek 101

All associate members must complete within one week of start of new member education/intake program.

Friday, October 5
Chapter Goals Action Plan Friday, October 5
Hazing Prevention (Online Workshop)

All members (including associates) must register for and complete the general and Greek Life modules.

Friday, October 5
Points of Pride Presentations

This is an opportunity for a bonus point for chapters that are interested in sharing semester highlights.

 Tuesday, December 4
Diversity & Inclusion Program Reflection Friday, December 7
Title IX Program Reflection Friday, December 7
Wellness & Safety Program Reflection Friday, December 7
Council Involvement Report

This will be submitted by each Council.

Friday, December 7
Collaborative Event Reflection Friday, December 7
Service & Philanthropy Report Friday, December 7
Roster Update #3

Remove any associate members that were not initiated. 

Friday, December 7
Semester Reflection Friday, December 7