Accreditation Dates & Deadlines

Fall 2019

Component Date/Deadline
Roster Update #1

  • – Click on “Edit Positions” to remove the “Associate Member” position from anyone that has been initiated into the chapter. They should be listed as “Member”.


  • – Remove anyone who is no longer a member of the Chapter by clicking the check box in front of their name and then clicking the “End Membership” button. Be careful not to delete anyone who is supposed remain on your roster. If members are studying abroad, select “Member abroad”. Do not delete them from your roster. 


  • – Review your roster to make sure that all members are included. If members are missing, click on the “Invite People” button to add members. Each member must log-in and accept the invitation before they will become visible on your roster. It is your responsibility to ensure that members accept the invitation.
Friday, September 6th 
Certificate of Insurance (if expired) Friday, September 6th
Chapter Compliance Report

  •    – New Member Education/Intake Program (National)
  •    – New Member Education/Intake Calendar (if applicable)
  •    – Chapter Officer Update
  •    – Risk and Crisis Management Policy (National) 
  •    – Notice of  New Member Education and Intake
Friday, September 6th
Risk Reduction Workshop

Attendance Requirement: IFC, UCPC, IGC & NPHC. Chapter president, social chair, and risk management officer, or equivalent, must each attend one session. All sessions will take place in the CFSD Community Room (Student Union 203)

Thursday, September 12th – 6:00pm

Friday, September 13th – 10:00am

Monday, September 16th -1:00pm

Thursday, September 19th – 5:00pm

Friday, September 20th – 11:00am

New Member Education/Intake Workshop UCPC: TBD




Presidents’ Forum

Attendance Requirement: Chapter presidents.  IFC, UCPC, IGC & NPHC council leadership are strongly encouraged to attend.  All Presidents’ Forums will be held in Student Union 104.

Friday, September 6th- 1:15 pm

Friday, October 4th- 1:15 pm

Friday, November 1st- 1:15 pm

Friday, December 6th- 1:15 pm

Snapshot Meeting

Chapter president must schedule with council advisor

Friday, September 30th
Roster Update #2

If you have new members, you must submit a New Member Report and be sure to invite them to your UConntact page and designate their position as “Associate Member.”

Friday, October 4th
Chapter Goals Action Plan Friday, October 4th
Greek 101

All associate members must complete.

Within one week of start of new member education/intake program
Hazing Prevention (Online Workshop)

All members (including new/associate and transfers) must register for and complete the general Hazing and Greek Life modules.

Within 10 business days of start of the new member education/intake program
New Member Initiation Deadline

All new/associate member programs must conclude and all new/associate members eligible for initiation must be initiated by this date.

Sunday, November 24th
New Member Presentations Deadline

This is the last day when new member presentations can occur for the semester.

Sunday, December 1st
Points of Pride Presentations

This is an opportunity for a bonus point for chapters that are interested in sharing semester highlights.

Tuesday, December 3rd 
Diversity & Inclusion Program Reflection Within 5 Business Days of the Program
Title IX Program Reflection Within 5 Business Days of the Program
Wellness & Safety Program Reflection Within 5 Business Days of the Program
Roster Update #3

  • – Review your roster to make sure that all members are included AND all new members are indicated as “Associate Member.” If members are missing, click on the “Invite People” button to invite them and make sure the accept the invitation by the deadline.


  • – “End Membership” of any associate that was not initiated and any other person that left the chapter
Friday, December 6th 
Collaborative Event Reflection Friday, December 6th
Service & Philanthropy Report Friday, December 6th
Semester Reflection Friday, December 6th