Accreditation Dates & Deadlines

Fall 2018

Component Date/Deadline
Roster Update #1 Friday, August 31
Chapter Officer Update Friday, August 31
Chapter Compliance Report

  • New Member Education/Intake Program
  • New Member Education/Intake Calendar
Friday, August 31
Certificate of Insurance (if expired) Friday, August 31
National Risk & Crisis Management Policy Friday, August 31
National New Member Education/Intake Program  Friday, August 31
Risk Reduction Workshop (SU 203)

Attendance Requirement: IFC, UCPC, IGC & NPHC. Chapter president, social chair, and risk management officer, or equivalent, must each attend one session.

Snapshot Meeting

Chapter president must schedule with council advisor

Friday, September 28
Roster Update #2

If you have new members, you must submit a New Member Report and be sure to invite them to your UConntact page and designate their position as “Associate Member.”

Friday, October 5
Greek 101

All associate members must complete within one week of start of new member education/intake program.

Friday, October 5
Chapter Goals Action Plan Friday, October 5
Hazing Prevention (Online Workshop)

All members (including associates) must register for and complete the general and Greek Life modules.

Friday, October 5
Points of Pride Presentations

This is an opportunity for a bonus point for chapters that are interested in sharing semester highlights.

 Tuesday, December 4
Diversity & Inclusion Program Reflection Friday, December 7
Title IX Program Reflection Friday, December 7
Wellness & Safety Program Reflection Friday, December 7
Council Involvement Report

This will be submitted by each Council.

Friday, December 7
Collaborative Event Reflection Friday, December 7
Service & Philanthropy Report Friday, December 7
Roster Update #3

Remove any associate members that were not initiated. 

Friday, December 7
Semester Reflection Friday, December 7