Author: Libby Quesada

Making Memories

Growing up, I loved scrapbooking with my mom and sister as a way of recording memories to look back on. Being a full time student with a job and internship, I can’t exactly say I have much time for that anymore. Since college is an amazing time of growth an experience, I don’t want to forget anything. So, I’ve been working on a project to consolidate these memories, and when I told my friends about it, they started following suit!

Something I’ve learned is to take pictures wherever I go. When you’re taking pictures, just make sure you don’t forget to be in the present and enjoy the experience! I’ve started printing out all my pictures and writing memories about the experience on the back. If you’re a freshman, I highly consider starting now, and if you’re a senior, you still have time to catch up! Facebook is a great tool to find your favorite shots! This is also helpful because it can give you the dates! When you’re writing down your memories, ask the friends who were there about what they remember and include as much as you can! As you finish your photo memories, put them in a photo album that you can keep for years to come!

You obviously need memories to capture, so take advantage of all the things that UConn has to offer! You don’t have to go to everything, but saying you were able to try something once creates a memory and eliminates “I wish I did…” when you’re in your 30s and missing your college years.

Spending time with your friends and building relationships is something we all know is important, but can prove to be difficult. As sad as it is, it gets even harder once you move away from college. If you’re involved in Greek Life, reach out to a brother or sister that you’re not as close with. You already know you share the same values, so building your friendship can only help you make lasting bonds (and memories)!

As scary as it is, we do have to think about “real life”, so don’t overload your social calendar. Study; you’ll thank yourself later. When your GPA is just a little bit higher than the candidate you’re competing against at the grad school interview or your outstanding work ethic lands you the job of your dreams, you’ll be happy you spent time at UConn focusing on school. Keep your opportunities for your future open so you can continue to make lasting memories!

Beat the “Final’s Blues”!

With Final’s Week around the corner, there’s no doubt that stress levels everywhere are rising. However, there are several things you can do to ease your stress!

Before you start any work, plan out your tasks by looking at your exam schedule ( Studying for finals can be made simpler by beginning to create study guides this week, and begin reviewing your material five days before your final. Slowly chipping away chapter by chapter will give you enough time to feel comfortable with the information, but won’t overwhelm you.

When you’re studying, it’s important to not let yourself get distracted with social media. Try turning your phone to ‘do not disturb’! On your computer, you can go to websites such as “” to block Facebook and other distracting websites. You can also download the “SelfControl” app on your phone to do the same! Deactivating certain accounts for the week might also be a great way for you to stay on track!

Here at UConn, therapy dogs are brought to various places around campus to give students a time to take a break from studying and play with some pups! This is a great way to let your mind rest and enjoy yourself for 10-15 minutes.

You should always allow yourself short study breaks to split up the material you’re reviewing.  Your brain needs time to process everything and you don’t want to overload it. Exercising is a great way to get your body relaxed and keep your mind focused!

When it gets down to an exam day, make sure you get a full night’s sleep before hand, and eat a full breakfast! A night of cramming will do more bad for you than good! And remember, you know more than you think you do, so always go with your instincts and answer the questions slowly, giving time to think out the answer.

Happy finals to all, and to all, a good grade 🙂


“Fall” in Love with UConn!

Sometimes living in the country can feel boring, but there are so many activities that UConn students can do in Fall!

1. Go apple picking! In our surrounding area, there are numerous apple orchards that you can visit to get your favorite fall treats!

Apple picking

2. Hot apple cider! In the UConn cafes around campus, delicious apple cider is available during the months of Fall!! You don’t want to miss this!

3. Enjoy the beauty of Horsebarn Hill! In the Fall, the trees on Horsebarn Hill are breathtaking, and the views are to die for. You should experience the beauty we have right here on campus!

4. Run outdoors! Take advantage of the last of the nice weather we have until our extra-long winter rolls in. Get some exercise and grab a friend for a run up Horsebarn Hill! (Look at that, crossing 2 things off the list at once!)

5. Pumpkin picking! With Halloween right around the corner, you’ll definitely want to visit the local pumpkin patches of the area! You can’t go through October without making a Jack-o-lantern!

Pumpkin picking

6. Pumpkin Spice! With the pumpkin season comes the pumpkin flavors! Go to either Dunkin Donuts on campus to enjoy your favorite pumpkin flavored drinks or snacks!

7. Pictures! The colors of Fall make for beautiful pictures! Grab your camera and your friends and snap some shots for your Instagram account!


8. Play in the leaves!  Who said leaf-piles were just for kids! Channel your inner-10 year old and jump in a pile of leaves! (Perfect photo-op!)


9. Football! Fire up the grill for a UConn football tailgate and bring your ticket to watch the game! Supporting your Huskies is a great way to celebrate the Fall season.

10 HOMECOMING! Fall at UConn is our favorite time to show support and pride for our school. Check out all the fun homecoming events at and enjoy yourself! Don’t forget to cheer on the football team at the game on November 1 at Rentschler Field!


Gotta Kick It Up!

This week, the UConn Kickline Team began our 2014-2015 season with tryouts! We’re very excited to add new dancers to our roster and make this our best team yet!

Kickline is a form of dance similar to the Radio City Rockettes, but with more of a jazz style. Here at UConn, our Kickline team gets very involved. During the fall semester, we perform at volleyball games and men’s & women’s basketball games at Gampel as well as the XL Center in Hartford! Last season, we also began dancing at the Hartford Wolfpack hockey games, which are held at the XL Center as well.  Our team is also fortunate enough to be involved with homecoming, and this year, I am thrilled to announce that we are paired with my chapter of Gamma Phi Beta, as well as Alpha Epsilon Pi and FIJI! I’m in charge of homecoming for my chapter, so I am very excited to be able to work closely with both of my organizations and create new bonds between everyone! We are also active in the Spring semester, where we travel all over New England and New York to compete against various Kickline Teams, trying to bring home as many trophies as we can to support our school!

I’m sure there are many people that are curious as to what we’re about, so come to a game and check us out!


My Kickline Little and me!
My Kickline Little and me!