So now comes finals time. Food has always been a big part of finals for me. Finals studying usually involves the consumption of excessive amount of caffeinated drinks, ordering food to be delivered to the library, and snacking. Sometime our diets are not so healthy, but I find that one of my go to snacks is a healthy option: hummus. High in protein, high in fiber, and low in fat, not to mention you can put it on anything and dip anything in it.

Two weeks ago, I participated in the UConn Hillel hosted hummus competition event with my friends Max, Grace, and Payal, under the team name ChickPlease, where 45 teams showed up to compete for a year’s supply of hummus. Walking in, there was a long table in the center with a myriad of ingredients ranging from different herbs: oregano, rosemary, chives, cilantro, to different oils: olive, sesame, canola. Teams were given 1 hour to create their best recipe. There were two rounds of judging, one round open to the public who bought tickets to the event, and they would go around to different tables tasting the different recipes each teams came up with and would vote and give tickets to the ones they liked best. After that round, the five teams with the most amount of tickets would go to the judging round, where 4 judges would taste and then announce the winner.

What we came up with was a hummus with sriracha, garlic, basil, honey, scallions, lemon. In the end we were announced the winner for coming up with an innovative and delicious recipe.