“Fall” in Love with UConn!

Sometimes living in the country can feel boring, but there are so many activities that UConn students can do in Fall!

1. Go apple picking! In our surrounding area, there are numerous apple orchards that you can visit to get your favorite fall treats!

Apple picking

2. Hot apple cider! In the UConn cafes around campus, delicious apple cider is available during the months of Fall!! You don’t want to miss this!

3. Enjoy the beauty of Horsebarn Hill! In the Fall, the trees on Horsebarn Hill are breathtaking, and the views are to die for. You should experience the beauty we have right here on campus!

4. Run outdoors! Take advantage of the last of the nice weather we have until our extra-long winter rolls in. Get some exercise and grab a friend for a run up Horsebarn Hill! (Look at that, crossing 2 things off the list at once!)

5. Pumpkin picking! With Halloween right around the corner, you’ll definitely want to visit the local pumpkin patches of the area! You can’t go through October without making a Jack-o-lantern!

Pumpkin picking

6. Pumpkin Spice! With the pumpkin season comes the pumpkin flavors! Go to either Dunkin Donuts on campus to enjoy your favorite pumpkin flavored drinks or snacks!

7. Pictures! The colors of Fall make for beautiful pictures! Grab your camera and your friends and snap some shots for your Instagram account!


8. Play in the leaves!  Who said leaf-piles were just for kids! Channel your inner-10 year old and jump in a pile of leaves! (Perfect photo-op!)


9. Football! Fire up the grill for a UConn football tailgate and bring your ticket to watch the game! Supporting your Huskies is a great way to celebrate the Fall season.

10 HOMECOMING! Fall at UConn is our favorite time to show support and pride for our school. Check out all the fun homecoming events at homecoming.uconn.edu and enjoy yourself! Don’t forget to cheer on the football team at the game on November 1 at Rentschler Field!