Month: August 2014


This summer, one of the best experience that I had was attending the Atlanta Greek Picnic. This weekend was a series of events, including a step show, 2 Chainz concert, a community service event, stroll competition, picnic, and parties of course. Thousands of Divine 9 (NPHC) Greeks came to Atlanta in July for this event to celebrate the 10th anniversary for the Atlanta Greek Picnic this year. It is important for us to come together and network with our community from all over the country.

Stepping is a form of dance that uses your whole body by clapping and stomping to create beats and rhythms. Strolling is also known as a “party walk” and looks like dancing in a line. These two traditions have been adopted and recreated by the Divine 9 community and often exhibited in shows and competitions. Below is a video of the winning team from the famous stroll competition that takes place at the picnic. This team happens to be my sorors from Connecticut!